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Terrain Questions

How easy is it to set up? – very easy to setup, a 2x2 grid ,if i draw it out (made a little Power Point thing once where i can design different setups) before i build and i know how many walls, doors, etc I want and I am only building a ground level, very fast, about 30-40 walls plus doorways, 10-20 min

How easy is it to take down? – Take down is fast but i have taken to putting my 2x2 setups onto 5ply or MDF boards and leaving them on there, working on a stacking system to hold it all together

How easy is it to store? – i went with the Really useful Boxes (Available in UK and USA and amazon) for storage and find it nicer as they have trays where you can store clips and bits, Drew used to put his stuff back in the boxes and you can see how they go back in:
got to remember, you remove a lot of card punching it out

Is the terrain available in this Kickstarter new to Battle Systems? – Yes, the cyberpunk terrain is new.

Will there be instructions for the setup of the terrain in the campaign? – Yes, each mission comes with its own instructions including a birds eye view of the layout and key of the element used. Note that all previous Battlesystems campaigns have been accompanied by construction videos.

Will Urban Apocalypse be an Add On set? – It won’t be in this Kickstarter. It *is* available from the shop though.

What Mat will be used with the game? – The mat used in the demo and the photos/videos so far has been a Frontier one. However, there is every chance that a more custom mat will be developed as part of the campaign. It will be similar to ensure that it fits in smoothly with the other sets.

Is the Mat used in Core Space the same size as the Mat used in the other add-ons in the Kickstarter? – Yes it is.

Is the Core Space terrain compatible with previous sets? – It is fully compatible with all of the Add-Ons available in the Kickstarter. It is also fully compatible with the Urban Apocalypse terrain available in the Battle Systems shop.

As for Sci Fi I and the Fantasy sets, all of the interior items will be compatible. The walls are the same size and the same clips are used. But there’s a variation in the way the walls were designed. See which shows you how to make them compatible. In practice, they look great on the same table. You need to watch from about 13 minutes in.

Is Core Space terrain Multi Level? - All of the terrain is compatible with the multi-level builds you see in the Add-Ons. The rules also cover Multi Level setups.

The Core Space KS is not planned to show multi level, to focus on the base game. Although, it’s not planned to add multi level in this KS, you never know what will happen before the end of the KS. On our Dungeon KS we did not have a plan for a Fortress either and on our last Sci-Fi 2 KS we had no plans to make a Gothic Crawler so who knows what happens. lol

What are the chances of a reprint of the original sci-fi terrain? – Slim. Sci Fi I isn’t quite as compatible as Sci Fi II and Urban Apocalypse are.

What type of Markers are used for marking skills? -Dry wipe markers are the best option at the moment. Note that Markers aren’t needed to be used in play.

Will there be a Pledge Level that contains only the rules, game components and stretch goals unrelated to the terrain? –
This may become an option later in the campaign.

Are the two airlocks provided with the game without walls intentional – Yes, they are used to show where the player’s Trader teams enter and exit the board. Other factions enter on spawn points. The lack of walls is to provide ease of play.

Will there be terrain stretch goals? – Yes

Will there be a setup video, showing a layout being built from scratch - We have vids planned, a setup one, the game mixed with previous terrain, etc. what other vids would peeps like to see?

Will double sided mats be an option - Had a look at some of these at BoW. They are cool, bit more slippy on the table, but not as bad as I would have expected.

However they crease really easily, not like a rubber mat crease, more like a cardboard crease, nothing getting that out. Its a shame because they are very light and would lower shipping costs. These are the only ones I've seen so far.

Will there be terrain add-ons for the other sets, like Fantasy? - we'll see about terrain add-ons, no plans for fantasy.

Are the crates the same design as the Urban Apocalypse where I had to choose between a bottom on the crate or a lid that stays put?- They are upgraded ... you get both the bottom and the lip...

Anyone know if clips are included if you buy smaller wall packs from their website? -No, they are not

If we are in for the £120 pledge I take it we don't need the mat? – The Titan pledge comes with 2 mats. -

isn't too much easy find rare equipment in the crates? I mean, if you are lucky you can find something that either cost a lot to buy normally or is rare, for example you spend credits between scenarios to upgrade a weapon that you can find in the next one. As much as I like the idea to find rare and powerful things in crates after exploration, I find it a little too much game breaking, maybe it's better to find rare things after killing someone important or as a reward for the scenario or for some objectives and so on, a reward for a well play , not for be lucky Smile - - the chances of you finding the rare items is tiny, if you find one you'll never let it go Smile.

Further comments: We were lucky there, its a balance of Realism Vs Fun, I actually have a few load outs of the weapons. When balancing the game I would add and remove weapons based on balance of power and how fast your character level up. Also some mission will tell you what to add or remove for the weapons available. In a later BoW lets play you will see we both start without any weapons Surprised)... G=Corps and Purge are already on the board too, so its straight into the fight... without weapons... the balance on weapons there were set in the mission log. Some items were not available at all due to them being stashed on our ships Smile

From the first vid I thought players were uncovering all sorts of too cool stuff. But...

If it's a solo mission, there's no reason why all the goodies shouldn't be available. Players might feel hard done by having to go up against the Purge with curling tongs all the time, because they can't access anything more powerful.

In the 2nd vid, having access to the loot showed how it can rebalance the game against players in a campaign. No player is necessarily left behind. Buying it, just ensures you have it.

Also, I get the feeling there's a lot of loot we've not seen as it's for later goals/ mission packs etc. So, there might be other tiers we've not seen.

What does the particle transmitter do? -It looks awesome on your table. I use it for Spawning Points/ a way for minis to escape / objective points where you have to stop mad scientists brings who-knows-what through it.

Add some computer consoles and it's a ship's bridge. Or use the arms from it to beef up the plasma reactor.
use the arms combined with the table from the auto-doc, and a console to create a great scientist's control centre.
Colin also created a not-stargate out of one at one point iirc,

If a civilian is killed, and just happens to be carrying a nice bit of loot, will it just be dropped on their location or will it be removed from the board? I got the feeling, form the 2nd vid, it would be removed from the board, where as I would have thought it would just have been dropped for anyone brave/dim enough to go after it. -

Are we going to see any other art options for neon signs? I love what you've shown so far but, by my count, we'll be at 48x of them in the Titan Pledge after this next SG and the four existing options could get a little repetitive. - Ryan, we will indeed be doing more neon signs but they're very time consuming so it'll be one of the post KS jobs Smile -

In the rule book it gives the items available at the three different levels of trade store. Are these all included in the core game and will there be enough to allow multiple purchases? One SG could be to provide some additional copies. -

In regards to the add-on terrain sets(Gothic, Cyberpunk. Frontier, Outlands, and Galactic), do they also come with the corresponding mat they are displayed on? -[/b – Yes they do.

[b] The comments mention Sci Fi II. Is this terrain available?-
Yes, it is in Add-Ons C-F. Sci Fi II was Battle systems last Kickstarter. Battle systems also sells some individual kits on their website which aren't available here so far (ex: medical bay)

Hi, has there been a video/gallery showing the cyberpunk terrain combined with the frontier or galactic terrain?- We should have a build video up before we close the campaign Smile

Will there be ships? –
What material will the character boards be made out of? –
Will the core space mat be an add on as I have the original SciFi KS and would like to double my area. -

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