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Post by thothkins on 12/17/2017, 8:25 pm

Miniatures Questions

What are the miniatures made of? – High quality PVC Plastic. It's durable and holds great detail. A resin version of some miniatures may be available later on.

What scale are the minis? - They are 32mm scale. A visual comparison to other miniature brands is in Update #1

Will there be other crews? – Yes, other crews are planned to expand the game both in this Kickstarter… and beyond.

Will the ship crews increase in size and what would the maximum size be?- The vessel board currently shows a captain and space for 9 crew. We have limit coming to the beta of 5 characters, we've tested this (as well as four of course) and the standard deployment would be 3-4. However we have auxiliaries planned too. These are things like Drones, Search or attack beasts etc. They are somewhat disposable, but do not count as part of the limit Smile Your ship will take 10 crew so you will be able to hire crew and send them on mission to advance their career level. You can then pick the best crew for the mission at hand. Advanced rules will cover larger set ups, so if you had a 4x4 you can reply more, Hostility is adjusted, more civilian etc etc Smile

Where do you get those colored rings around the mini's bases? - They come with core game, just not on the banner

Will you offer a add on pack for all missions like these without the lovely card, or even download version? – Most likely all of the missions will become available as a PDF at some point, along with any fan made ones.

Can you wipe the dry erase off the dashboard and re-use them? - Yes you can

Are the dashboards we see in the videos the final version? - The Dashboards are prototypes, so expect things like symbols, and holes to help you push the cards out from the back etc etc. Colour is also prototype

Can Gak quad wield duel wield weapons if he had enough space on his dashboard/ can characters with four arms shoot with 3/4 weapons at once if they are all duel wield?- Gak can indeed hold four weapons whether he can use more than two at a time depends on skills, also using precious ammo and action, what do you think, Col? Ah the 4 arm talk, knew this would come up. lol I've play test this with the game. in the core box you only get x2 pistols with Duel wield and also two close combat weapons as duel. However with expansions of weapons coming you will indeed have a possibility of having 4 duel wields weapons.

Is there is need, in game, for extra miniatures, beyond the figures in the basic game? – The balance for the game as it comes is good. You may at one stage have really powerfully crew and want to really test them, you can do this by increasing the hostility level... but also we have an update coming later tonight (tonight here in the UK at least) regarding this... Smile

So next question is 4 player expansion, just buying an extra set? Or is it something we have not yet seen?- its something you have not seen yet... we have more crews coming... funding willing :oD

What is the collective noun for the Purge? - Colin has just reliably informed me that the collective noun of Purge is in fact Purgekins. Let's get those Purgekins!!! ????

Can you run back to the ship, dump off loot and run back to fight loot again? - no return in the base rules... will be option for it in the advance.

Can you place cargo on the teleport and sent to ship? Or tag a crate. - If you write the mission for that and follow advanced rules for carrying and or dragging it. lol

So I've looked over the videos again, the "Chaos/purge" does this have an insert similar to the character dashboards or are you using a……..sticker???? If not stickers may I be right in assuming that there may be different threat tracks if there are different enemies/expansions in the future? - Well spotted, first one. Yes this card inset can be removed and replaced based on the enemy. What if in a future expansion we have a world where the Purge have yet to come, but its covered in a new type of enemy... but there are some mighty fine resources to grab so the bravest traders will come and try their luck for the big score.

How many class boards come with the game? If it is only 6 it means that two players couldn’t have the same crew member class at the same time. Also, if you are able to field a 4 person crew playing solo, you can’t have two “crew” at the same time which you may find useful. - There are currently 6 in the core game, but that will change. Its enough to get you started and the Hunter and Solider classes are used for the Captains normally, but all combo work. Other characters will come with more class card so they will build fast.

On the topic of crew size will the number of dashboards be increased in the pledge as we get more characters? - I think I read you would be giving a stat card, but wasn’t sure about the dashboard. Dashboards will be an add-on. We will be increasing the character so lots free (funding willing) and you can swap them out so you can always have a fresh crew, or take your crew and dashboards to your friends or clubs with your preferred team. Each dashboard is worth 4 minis so we are going to save the dashes and provide as many new characters as we can Smile

Why not make the peg holes in the character cards, That would free up the other space for more gear or other interesting options for pegs - The card would have to be very deep (we tried) and also its harder to pick the dash up and move it around and fit all the info on the character board. There are a few games were you can also just collect loads of stuff and hold like 15 items at once, you never get to use it all and it all gets too easy... We did have just 3 equipment spaces, but it balances nicely with 4 too so we went with that... it was a very good choice Smile

Will there be a Dry Erase marker add-on or included in game already? - Nope, only because they are so easy to get... shelf life etc Smile

Just a thought, but did you consider making the trader boards generic? - Unless the specific characters have differing "stats", but we don't now about that yet, do we? ;-)

Can we get some more Corps and Civilians in an add on pack? – Corps are Add – On P

Are the trader boards given with the minis we got in addons or are we waiting for additional SG to get them?- They will have stat boards by the end of the KS Smile

What is the point of the crew add-on if unlocked characters come with everything? Is the add on different in any way ? - There are backers who will want more of them, also there are Backers on pledges for add-ons only that don't get the SG's. They will want to have access to some of the characters on the SG's Smile there's no difference at all between traders as SGs or add-ons, they all get the cards,

Will it be possible for you to make some rank and file mini addons. For example 6 guards and 2 juggernauts for £30 or something of that ilk - - the plan is to do more... as much as we can, we adjust the tools for this as the campaign funds so hopefully lots of cool stuff

What are the blank dashboards for?- the blank dashboards are for fielding extra traders as you can only have six in play at once with the core pledge


Just looking at the paint jobs on the minis. Very cool. Who painted them? Any chance of a painting guide (particularly the colours used for the Purge)? --

Will there be a painting guide? a picture of the model painted with each element surrounding it with Base-colour, shade-colour, highlight/drybrush-colour would be really helpful.- think there's already plenty of painting guides out there. Also, we can't agree on a colour scheme ourselves! I think of Arianna as blonde, Col thinks of her as brunette. I think of Gak as blue, Col as orange. We had to compromise on the artwork (Arianna is now Auburn!) and I wrote in that Gak can change colour depending on his emotional state. Also, players can paint their minis any way they want so we figured it didn't really matter what we thought Smile

Why does the game come with 100+ pegs? - it's easier for them to give you the most pegs components you will need and you take them away as you want, then for them to give you minimum and you to ask to add more later. So it covers both groups of the minimising to maximising. -

Plus visually far more satisfying seeing a full dashboard then a couple single pegs.

are you in a position to talk about who's making the minis or maybe name another range out there that can be used as a comparison to what you're expecting? -- Its a well known factory thats made game miniatures for many of the very top games... we are 95% sure we are using them. We have lots of samples both from the factory, and other companies that use them. The quality is awesome and they know exactly what is needed for miniatures. They have handled and still are handling miniature projects for some of the very best game out there and currently in development from big companies both on and off of KS. Their communication is also excellent too. Our other factory we use for the Terrain is still being used of course and they will be working together to pack the perfect boxed game :oD

do you have some BIG mini spared for an add on (Bossfight?) -- - This was asked prior to the Annihilator being revealed.

[ B] Are the minis too expensive? [/b] On costs of minis, particularly add-ons - We are looking at this so once we have some more mini add-ons we can do something. Right now those minis may be cannon fodder, but they are also unique, If they were all the same mini we could double the amount, but Core Space is all about having diverse characters to help you get lost in the game genre, even the grunts. So it costs as much to produce those Guards, gangs, security and civilians as it does the main trader characters. We are priced under CMON, but above some others. As we progress we should be able to bundle them Smile

will there be, at some point, an opportunity to buy named characters individually - - Very hard to say... not on the KS for sure, likely not in retail... however once the tooling is done we will know for sure. - Full mini ranges is cool, we are going to build the range and the game over the coming months ad years

Do you need extra Purge minis?- On Purge Forces: From the Let's Play, there were rounds where spawning would have brought in additional purge forces. There are rules concerning what gets spawned if a model of a huger level isn't available. In that game, there were no more left to add.

Had the higher levels been available, it would have been carnage. So, the limited number worked to the benefit of the game. Of course, larger boards across multiple sets...

- What is the benefit of adding the Add-Ons with the crews as they are already in the stretch goals. Just the added boards and pins? – the boards shown in the add-ons are already in the core game, so there's absolutely no benefit in adding the trader crews except that you'd double on figures. Some people might want to do that, others are using an add-ons only pledge to buy figures rather than the game, so they are add-on packs for completeness of options rather than anything else.

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