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Post by thothkins on 12/17/2017, 8:16 pm

Rules Questions

where did the title "Core Space" come from? - This comes from the form of travel that the traders embark on to get where they need to go without attracting any unnecessary galactic attention Wink

[size=10]Could you please determine what type of game Core Space will be? (Boardgame with tight rules (for competition play)? Miniature tinkerbox type game with basic rules and lot of optional rules you can use or not (for terrain makers, miniature painters, scenario creators and casual play)? Miniature game with tight and official rules? -

The Core Space boxed game can be played as a skirmish style board game straight from the box. The rules are set hard and fast, follow them they are nicely balanced. The advanced rules will also be hard and fast, follow those rules for even more depth, the base rules have depth already but the advanced ones can be added for taste... either just some or all depending on your play style. Now this does not mean you can not tinker. We are looking at bringing in character development, mission creator etc etc. Take the basic rules and then add to those, we were war-gamers and board gamers and these rules and mechanics came to take the best from both worlds. I've tinkered with every game I've ever bought :oD

Can the game be played Solo? – Yes, The game can be played solo and also competitively, cooperatively and a combination of all of those.

Is a GM needed? – No GM required for either a single Core Space game or campaign. An AI takes the place of the GM, so the game can be run solo.

Can campaigns be replayed with variety? – Yes they can be replayed and you can change how they are played.

Is there scope for missions that aren’t single objective driven such as fetching a resource or an assassination? – Yes, there are a number of mission types planned.

How many missions will there be? – 8-10 to begin with. We aim to add new mission online, fan made ones too, and you will be able to create your own... which is really what gaming is all about. Depending on your play style you can just follow the set mission, make your own,... bit of both Smile All missions have more than 1 objective so there is plenty to do and get busy with, not to mention the looting etc Smile You can also increase the starting hostility if you want a really tense game with more crews in play. There are some cool things planned to shake things up with more crew too Smile

Does the game support custom a character generator/creator ? – A character generator will be part of the Kickstarter. Additional character boards with blank tiles etc. are also planned for players to have their own characters.

Is the Character Generator/ Creator only for traders or also for Threats? Civi's and Corps? Is it point based? Is it based upon default values for characteristics?- TBC

Are additional Harvesters/Devastators/Assassins/Live needed in addition to the base game? - The base game works perfectly well with the number of miniatures provided. It’s a complete game.

What are the advantages of having more miniatures than the base game? – It adds tension to missions, allowing flexibility in missions to adjust the Hostility Tracker to a higher level. and the impact of certain events in the mission timeline. It also allows the game to scale up to bigger boards than the standard set.

Can NPC factions, such as the gangs, Galactic Corps or the civilians, be played? – Yes, the plan is to allow AI controlled characters to be controlled by players. Galactic Corps and Gangs mentioned specifically.

Can the Purge be played? – A stretch goal may be a character board for them.

Could an AI be used as a NPC, with an agenda of its own? – Could be something for the Advanced Rules section.

Can the shop displays be interacted with/ hacked? – There is a planned mission to hack/retrieve data. Civilians will also trade with players in game.

How easily can the current scenarios be played on different terrain setups? Are there instructions? – The other locations can be used in your own missions as part of the mission creator. Alternatively, an existing mission can easily be relocated to other settings. The game was developed over previous Kickstarters, so it has been made to be compatible.

Will there be an App for the rules? – No plans as the focus is currently on the tightening the rules.

Are items randomly drawn from a bag or is it pre-determined what items are used and then boxes randomly placed? - If you are solo you just pick them from the bag starting with the small then the large. Obviously the large only fit the large cargo. Those weapons can be more powerful, but they also take up much more space on the dashboard so it’s a trade off.

Can you steal another players ship? – Not in the basic rules, but you can hitch a lift. Also there is no reason why you can't steal it in the advanced rules. There are lots of options based on the mission for things like this, such as stealing access keys to ships or boarding them to steal weapons.

Are there different sets of weapons for later on in the game so things scale? - Yes we plan on expanding the weapons, more quality of the rank and file ones plus new weapons too.

What are the 5 races and do the Purge count as one of them? - races information is coming as we reveal them. There are other sub races too, as well as possibly creatures.

when will we see more Alien races (of the 5 major)? – we have another alien coming soon(ish).

oh and will there be ... maybe figure packs in the future from the website? - Yes, we're going to make add-ons of the crews then after fulfillment they'll be available from the webshop.

Will you have a class that has more inventory space but no skills? - No plans for that, but a class might have an equipment item only they can hold... they might take more or less space.

Why don't defeated foes drop anything? - defeated foes are not dead they can be revived and will still have their equipment. If they are down you can take their stuff as they are defenceless.

How do you gain skill points?- If a character completes a mission and make it back to your ship you get a career point, for each one you gain you can add a skill point to your chosen class board

Will there be traps or creature tokens in the item bag/boxes. A bit like the Arrrrhg.... cards in zombicide?- No plans for traps in the cargo... it’s a draw from the deck style play we are avoiding, but you might still get stung in other ways

Are there item tokens that are not weapon orientated such as (ship up-grades) (key engine part) (galactic credits) – Credits and Ship Repairs have been found during searches in a Let’s Play.

Will there be a Mission Generator? – Yes, making things like having Boarding Actions easy to create.

Will a PnP version of the old rules used for testing in Urban settings be available? - No plans for that.

Any chance you could elaborate on the progression mechanics/ can one of th evidoes show a bot of the after game progression? - each mission a character completes (gets back to the ship) they get a career point on their character card. This stays there and also allows them to add a skill point to their Class board.

How do you put together a group of traders for a game? Is each trader worth a specific number of points? - In basic form you just chose a captain and two crew (designated on their character board) then chose their class board and off you go. The keen eyed will notice that the characters have points values also on their character boards... more on this later Smile

As they progress they get to the end of their first line of career on their card and it moves to the next line, this gain them one extra health point (and peg) and also one extra skill use (and peg). This means they can use their skills more often in a mission.

This will appear in one of the videos.

Are "advanced" rules going to be official? - The advanced rules are certainly written down so don't worry. The beta you have there (in the link on the main KS page) is perfectly balanced. The advanced rules are just hinted at in the beta at the end. There are plenty of rules coming there, and these are constantly being tested to enhance the game without breaking the balance. The game will play perfectly with the basic rules and still have lots of depth, advance rules will take it much further and some can be agreed alone before playing a mission... like the double tap rule Smile

If a character entered your ship again during a turn can they return later?- good example right there. In the less play videos at BoW we followed the once your are off the ship you can't return rule. That mean you have to stay in play. So its a risk reward, staying in play to help your teams mates is good, but not with the Purge on your back. However Advanced rule option add is to allow this. This is technically more realistic, it does take the risk reward element away and so it become a choice of play. You will see in one of the lets play vids coming, I end up hanging around near my ship for this very reason... and that causes me to lose the main objective in one game... lol

What makes the deluxe rulebook deluxe? - The game in general is deluxe. Normally with a lot of games you get thin cardboard and paper gam mats, these sometime get upgraded in the Sg's or the add-on becomes available for you to buy. We've gone straight for quality right from the start, its all really nice components and so we called it deluxe, the terrain is beautiful and we use the best card stock in printing in the business.

The rule book will not be hard cover although we do plan to have one at some point... be rude not to. The rules will be very nice though, basic rules are already perfect for the game, advance rules add all extras you might want, character generation to be added to, Missions and campaigns so you can progress and learn the game as you go (although its very fast to learn we discovered when demoing). The RPG side is nice. You do all that between mission, level up your characters, trade sell/buy equipment and weapons, pick new skills. Its cool because its easy to do, but the choices make all the difference in game. While on the mission you have to live and use the choices you made Smile

Are there general crew types? - Crew (jack of all trades/skills), Support (heavier endured focused skills), Solider (all round combat favouring ranged with some endurance), Hunter (stealth skills, close combat, sniper style), Tech (speaks for itself) and Augmented (not physic, but have their bodies enhanced by mech, bio-mech and solid science) So they may be able to move an mental object without touching it, but only because of the magnetic tech implanted in their bodies. (not to be confused with gravitonic powers of the Live One... but thats another adventure)

What's the special energy called that powers the purge? – Raw Blue

Has anyone tried play testing with a lot of civilians for a "crowded" station/mall to get through or lots of LOS being blocked by? – I did Smile cos I loved the idea of it. I just used the Base rules and let them do their thing, it was quiet cool, The majority of the time they were just finding, moving, attacking, trading and of course a couple joined (2 civs to the same crew) some also just stayed put (Live one role) as hostility was low-Med. I tried 4, 6 and 9 civilians.

Would it be possible to play with a grid and ditch the rulers do you think? - The short answer is yes. I'll do a video on this later in the KS, I did a similar one on the Urban one

Do you have any info on how this plays with more than 2 players? - It can play with 4 players on the small map perfectly well, it get really hairy in there and sometimes people team up. lol Obviously it scales really well on the larger set ups too, and you can set the hostility to a level that is appropriate for your teams skill level... and with the extra Harvesters we gave yesterday... you better watch out :oD

4 players on the standard map sounds like loads of fun (and chaos), is there a possibility to play this with a player controlling all the npc's and the others with a single crew member each, similar to imperial assault? or even RPG style with a GM? - at the recent demo day, we played a game with 2 crews, with each character being played by one individual, then another two players took control of civilians, and Colin controlled the rest of the NPCs and acted as a Games Master. So we have a total of 9 players sat around the table. It was an absolute blast. So yeah, it may say 1-6 players on the box, but seriously it's limited by how many chair you can get round your dining table.

Will there be scenarios included to use with the other terrain sets like Gothic and Frontier, etc? – not specifically in the rulebook as that is aimed at the core set. After fulfillment we will make other campaigns available online or as expansions. However, all of the rulebook scenarios can easily be adapted to the other terrain sets.

Not in the Core Space boxed game, but there will be some available for download etc Smile

Yes the other terrain sets will have mission... to in this KS I suspect, but we made a choice right from the start to use all our sci-fi terrain in future missions. Core Space will had dedicated mission to that terrain of course, but in addition we will have other mission logs available for our other ranges too. Imagine a campaign that starts with you picking up a crew on an outlandish world, then working them on mission around shanty towns, getting your ship and taking on missions in the outer stations of the Frontier and Cyberpunk settings, to finally take on a mission in the hart of the Galactic's arms Smile

Will the character cards be double sideded? this could offer different characters using the same models – Double sided character cards we are not sure yet, due to the laminated service for the drywipe markers between games

How do you “aggressively use” close combat weapons in game? -Aggressive use of a Close combat weapon is using it at maximum force. A combat knife or sword etc can be easily broken if not used correctly, they can slash and stab, but going mad with one will leave it broken as your badly placed sloppy heavy blow snags some armour or the angle is too flat forcing the blade, handle etc to snap.

How many items can a character carry? Is it 3? -originally yes, but we changed it to four Smile

Can any of the Crew ever be promoted to Captain? It seems a little permanent on their cards. – Right now you can advance a non captain character to close to a captain, but not quite as high in base attributes. They can still be in charge until you can gather another captain to your crew... or maybe the captain will take over, obviously with a create your own character generator it will be possible...
that's how Jace became captain, he was promoted against his will when his captain died!

Does armour affect any attributes? Rather than taking up more space, which I'd find armour doing, could it affect in a different way. Or if it's like an exo-suit it would be an object rather than armour. -– Yep it could, we are not using the old... "heavy armour reduced movement" thing, that would mean having to track and modify and that bogs the game down with stuff to remember... but we might have armour thats so big it takes up more space on the equipment slots... but it might give bonus like ranged attack, Close combat attack etc etc... we might have another way of carrying things too either later in the KS or after in expansions :oD

Yes armour balance is good, and the limited space really makes for some good choices, chose the weapons you need rather than have a massive stash that you mostly use only one weapon of. Some games have a character with 10 plus weapons... like computer games this always took me out of the game... who can carry, rocket launcher, machine gun, hand cannon, sword, 5 pistols, laser cannon, combat axe... can you imagine Han Solo doing that or Mal. lol

Could you please post a video about how the campaign part will work? - Dashboards and informaiton on how they work in the campaign works can be found here

are there any art work of what the space stations and ships look like from the outside?- - Not yet, we have some sketches and have discussed it at length, like how they work, gravity while traveling and while docked (that was a long conversation), but nothing solid on paper finished artwork wise

Are there plans for agitators other than the purge? Plans to specifically incorporate other bs sets (away team missions to war ravaged planets via the urban set or pre-inustrial cultures on alien worlds via dungeons) that kinda thing. - we'd love to introduce new threats, I mean its a big galaxy out there, be rude not to, maybe not on the KS or maybe, but soon and for the rest of your life.. Smile

Is there a possibility of having an alternative hostility tracker for the Galactic Corps instead of the Purge? (ie would multiple Juggernaughts ever be needed?) - We are all over this... the tracker is actually just like the Character Dashboards, Purge strip is removable so you can slot another in... Its future proofed for different NPC threats, and also for different worlds... might have creatures on a feral planet or... well you get the idea.

do we get ship cards for the two unlocked crews? –working on the ship boards, info coming Smile

Why are the two crews from the core game only 3 people each, but the unlocked crews have 4? - We may have some space on their tool, but being careful... once they are confirmed expect an add-on (for those who want more and for those on add-on only pledges).

the base game can only be played by 2 players with no more than 3 members in their team, even though it seems like the idea is to play the game with 4-member teams with 4 or even more players. Do the OOB missions assume the OOB 3-member teams (and so might be too easy for the added 4-member teams)? - The crews will ultimately be in 4's so the dashboards as 4 give you enough to field a full crew... Smile

For fielding teams on missions, do you get a number of points to spend, and/or a max number of members, or is it mission-dependent? - Yep you can build your crew until your ship can hold no more. Then you can filed your crew as indicated, but the mission mostly. The core boxed game has 3 minis per crew (currently) if that rises, then some mission will allow you to field 4 minis etc. We tested the game is many crew sizes, Purge threats, civilian count etc... so be prepared. You could have 10 crew on your ship and the mission allows up to 4 crew... you have the minis to make that happen. Its very important to note that we are presenting these minis as crew (Weavers crew... Arianna's crew etc), but you can chose how you make up your crew. Point on the cards can also be used, but more on this later, we are balancing that as we go... basically it will be future proof for a much larger range of Core Space expansions and minis... also ways to play... but... one step at a time...

Do you plan to release new items in the future? - Yep lots planned. There are plenty in the core game ... but we love the weapons and equipment so expect lots... some standards issues, but also rare items, new armour etc etc Smile

what is the difference between ammo carton and a clip of ammo? Both of them have seven shots and cost the same - nothing on the graphics. But would there be a difference in reload time during play perhaps? Doesn't explain the same cost though. - The Box of ammo can be used twice, we need to update the token. After first use you turn the counter over in your dashboard... second use you discard it. Sometimes we do have have different weapons with the same states though. So the basic vending machine style ones, some look different, because we just wanted the game to feel real world and not have everyone holding the same gun. lol... all about the details.

I notice you get six class boards (one for each) does this mean couldn't have a crew of all soldiers or all support for instance? - yep, right now we have a few class boards and you chose the mix, but we plan to increase this as funding grows... we have character generation etc in the works too... lots of cool stuff Smile

What happens if a civvie joins a crew and that crew then ends the mission by escaping back to their ship? Does the civvie go with them, and if so can they become a permanent member of the ship's crew (it strikes me that if all the civvies have trader cards, or better if all trader/civvie cards are reversible, this could be more than possible, perhaps with the player needing to go through the character creation process to set the civilian's stats as a trader in the between-missions phase) - think of it like a TV series, the good guys rescue the civilians, maybe have a laugh or fall in love, maybe the civilian is in a couple of episodes and then back to the familiar crew.
However, In Core Space nothing is permanent, crews come and go so if you want a bit part player to become a permanent crew menber then why the hell not? Smile Maybe you could consider your crew to have given the civilian safe passage out of Purge space and sent them safely on their way? Might ease the guilt!

Further comments: When I first saw this, I thought it meant that you had just picked up a member of crew for the rest of the campaign. Or at least there might be a leave roll for them between missions, until they became official crew.

From the second BoW vid it looks as though the join/leave roll can come up a lot more frequently in a mission.

Also, if all the civvies join the crews then people really *would* complain about all those deserted stations the crews keep turning up at. Smile

isn't too much easy find rare equipment in the crates? I mean, if you are lucky you can find something that either cost a lot to buy normally or is rare, for example you spend credits between scenarios to upgrade a weapon that you can find in the next one. As much as I like the idea to find rare and powerful things in crates after exploration, I find it a little too much game breaking, maybe it's better to find rare things after killing someone important or as a reward for the scenario or for some objectives and so on, a reward for a well play , not for be lucky Smile-

Further comments: From the first vid I thought players were uncovering all sorts of too cool stuff. But...

If it's a solo mission, there's no reason why all the goodies shouldn't be available. Players might feel hard done by having to go up against the Purge with curling tongs all the time, because they can't access anything more powerful.

In the 2nd vid, having access to the loot showed how it can rebalance the game against players in a campaign. No player is necessarily left behind. Buying it, just ensures you have it.

Also, I get the feeling there's a lot of loot we've not seen as it's for later goals/ mission packs etc. So, there might be other tiers we've not seen.

How many crew can be fielded from a ship? Can 3 or 4 people play on the core 2x2 missions?- Yep, you can build a crew of up to 10 characters and can field up to 4 in a game (depending on the mission log)

Regarding extra civs. Are rules in play or available to make them basically part of the setup. So you can go to the shops and order weapons, armour etc? , missions in which you need. To get a sick crew 'thing' to the medi wing. Parcel delivery /pick up (can't miss out on our subscription of thongs monthly). (So the civs will stay in place and only run off or as such once violence occures in the shop or a station alarm as been sounded)

Oh yeah regarding the shop keeper civs. If you steal from a crate the cops get called Smile
- We have indeed thought about that, many discussion... its all about balance in the game rules, so for now buying in a shop in game (an similar) will be restricted to specific instruction in mission logs. But we plan to carefully build the rules so that they become more fee.

Do you always need to include the purge during a game. It would be good if there was mission's like shoot out at Zeds that only involve corp and gangsters etc - The Purge are always on the hostility Tracker due to the area of space you are trading in is dangerous and very near the current Purge assault... however the Hostility tracker is like the Dashboards and the measure is removable... in the future you will be able to replace it with other measures, they will include new threats based on the world or station you are visiting

Are there any plans to add the usual stats like strength, intelligence, fighting skill and the like? I wouldn't really like a slip of a girl and a massive alien to roll the same close combat dice just because they happen to use the same weapon... - The character stats work very well, right now we are staying away for the traditional Strength, Will Power, Intelligence, but obvious attributes will be handled by the Character card permanent attributes mentioned in the last video update. As an example I'm working on a larger character now... his card would have a permanent close combat attack of 2 or 3 combat dice (even when he is not holding weapons) purl because of his size. A young slip of a trader would need some good close combat weapons to counter this relying on their skills too. Its all balanced nicely for you and takes away all the mid game modifiers and maths :oD

I was having a gander at the weapons in the rule book with a focus on area effect weapons (I like area effect weapons...they lead to carnage!) and a couple of things came to mind...what happens when grenades miss? Has there been any thoughts on some kind of scatter rule? and how does cover effect grenades in terms of protection against damage and LOS? Could you throw a grenade in the direction of someone in full cover and despite not being able to centre the blast on them catch them in the blast radius?

The first thing that jumped to mind when I saw the Incinerator Gun was that it'd have a Cone area effect rather than a blast radius like grenades. Are there any plans or ideas floating around to increase the number of area effect weapons or possibly introduce some specialist grenades? -
- Yep we thought about templates, but so far it works well without them. There might be future weapons that require them though. A grenade will ignore cover while its thrown, you just throw it and it lands, parcel cover will also not effect its blast, All those tiny fragments and energy blasting is still going to do damage. Smile -[/b]

So do the missions that come with the game not use Galactic Guard and gangers at all? Or are you supposed to use replacements or buy an expansion just to play the OOB missions? -

can you really frag civilians with impunity? I would imagine a future with many more non lethal weapons that allow you to get the goods without a murder rap! Do any rules cover how you go about your business? For examplem if you are in teh habit of mowing down cops and collateral, wouldnt you be Public Enemy Number One? -

What is the cylinder on the arm of a Harvester - but since the harvesters try to capture humans alive so they can be returned to wherever the Purge come from for biomass recovery, one assumes it's some sort of close range stun weapon. - -

some over arching story that takes our characters through each mission and it gives you a sense of accomplishment upon getting to the end. - For the campaigns there will be an overlaying story, but it will not end the overall story of the galaxy... more like conclusion to the episodes kind of thing Smile

Will there be a Rules update before the end of the KS? -Not before the end of the KS, both Wayne and I are solid working on the content at the moment.

Are the events cards going to be numbered, tagged (ex: disaster, gang, civilian, security, etc.) or identified in some way? -

I think I had read that the event deck could be customised to fit certain scenarios. Tagging them in some ways would make it much easier to build the deck for a scenario. (ex: use all civilian events, or use events 1,4-10)
- We have some cool plans for the event cards. As the deck grows you will be able to group them into categories and select a deck based on the story/world you are visiting. So if you are playing on an Outlands Set, lots of outside action, you would shuffle in the Weather cards (we already have some of those they play nice) if you are on a world or station where there is a lot of civilian unrest, then you can shuffle in extra Civilian cards, this will ramp up their part in the game... G-corps are highly active in the area?... cool shuffle in their cards... and so on. Your mission and objectives stay the same, but the actively of the game changes. So run that mission and then run it again later after a civilian uprising and it will feel different ... and so on.

Is the size of the Equipment cards the same as that for the weapons tokens in sci-fi 2, with the ones for the small crates being half that? - Well I'm not sure then, those did fit in the old SF1 crates so they will fit in the new ones. lol - I'll have a measure of them and let you know

If a civilian is killed, and just happens to be carrying a nice bit of loot, will it just be dropped on their location or will it be removed from the board? I got the feeling, form the 2nd vid, it would be removed from the board, where as I would have thought it would just have been dropped for anyone brave/dim enough to go after it. - It can be both ways, we played it as the item is lost to stop you just shooting the civ down. The Beta V1 does not cover it as the new Civ's did not have the ability to carry anything, but its been adde already to our revisions Smile

Is it possible to destroy a crate/ wall/ terrain, with the aim of denying the goodies it holds from other groups?- Yep I like the idea of being able to destroy things... something in my nature. lol ... Cargo for sure, small scatter stuff. Wall always have me thinking "how" obviously they are thinner on the board, but in reality the walls would and could be 10 feet thick, especially if they were spaceship walls... having said that, you could indeed unclip a wall and remove it, as long as every model in short range is disintegrated :O Denying resources to other players. Factions would be looked at as much for game balance as for whether it could technically be done.

Will there be blank weapon and equipment cards made available ? If not as SG then on the website, so we can create our own gear? Layered would be nice, so we can add/remove little symbols as required. - Blank equipment cards will be looked at but “no promises”

Is there anything in place to allow players to know what loot they still have available on their ship? I take it that players will want to keep stores of certain items for certain missions/ crew load outs. Currently, there's nothing to hold that information and I take it you don't have to sell everything you're not holding (as you could have more crew than dashboards). Perhaps a thought for a future expansion? – This has been added

On the bottom right of the character card, there's one of the skills. Is this a default skill point that the character gets to add to the skills they allocate? - Yes, it is.

There was some discussion on an additional slot for armour, backpacks, mules (or possibly very surprised Pack Dolphins) and shopping trolleys. These would be for both holding and moving crates (possibly back to your ship) Would the rues for Drones possibly work here? If my memory cell is working, you could only field one. So, you'd be giving up any offensive capability for a drone with extra lift capability. To make it even more of a target, it could have X slots for equipment. For each one filled, 1" is removed from it's movement capability. - - Crate moving, for barricades etc might be getting looked at. Cool things coming with Auxiliaries Wink

Will NPCs interact with the terrain? For example could an item left behind by a player, be picked up/used by a NPC? -
Will there be rules to control larger groups of civilians -
What's the smallest door you can fit through eg window –
Can characters move items to create blockades, and if so, could they be reached for close combat –
Will there be rules for modifying the terrain, such as with explosions to blast through walls/ cause collapses? -
Will the rules include an option for hacking a door close, requiring it to be broken/blasted through? -
Will there be a blank template for custom mission design? -
How many different loot items do you have included in the base pledge as stands, and how many are unique? –
will there be add-on mission packs that include not just terrain, but perhaps one or two minis as well? -
Abilities, will they be fixed per character or can you chose your own mix?-
Is it possible to destroy a crate, with the aim of denying the goodies it holds from other groups?-
If an energy shield is overcome, it's turned upside down. If it's kept, then it can be recharged after the mission. But if it's dropped a new one has to be bought. While I can see the game balance, if it's dropped wouldn't it just be on the floor but turned face down? Other players could pick it up, but it would take up space then too and only be of use after a mission.
Will there be blank weapon and equipment cards made available on the website, so we can create our own gear? Layered would be nice, so we can add/remove little symbols as required.
If you have a civilian join you on the board, can you take them off the map with you/ send them to the ship. And what happens after, do they just stay a civilian for next game, get left at the next star-port/bar or do you roll up a new character for them?
Are the mission logs going to be in the book for the core and then only downloadable for the add-one, or will there be cards for each mission?
What are the Skills and associated levels available to Augmented and Soldier.? I have the others, but was wanting to look at other Home Brewed classes/ tweaks.

If an energy shield is overcome, it's turned upside down. If it's kept, then it can be recharged after the mission. But if it's dropped a new one has to be bought. While I can see the game balance, if it's dropped wouldn't it just be on the floor but turned face down? Other players could pick it up, but it would take up space then too and only be of use after a mission.

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