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Core Space Questions - Kickstarter & Shipping Empty Core Space Questions - Kickstarter & Shipping

Post by thothkins on 12/17/2017, 8:28 pm

Kickstarter & Shipping Questions

Can backers put in for a smaller amount now , and raise it through the Pledge Manager later? - – Yes you can. Although the more that is in up front will help to unlock stretch goals, which would provide more free things.

How long is it between the opening and closing of the Pledge Manager – It has been a bout a month in the past, but it is flexible.

Will the KS have Canada Friendly Shipping? – This will be looked at as the data isn’t available yet. Couriers are designated prior to arranging shipping.

Can we see a box opening? -
The box is still in prototyping, but we always show that off as we get through the process. Also see the first image on the KS main page.

Will other languages be supported? - It depends on how well the Kickstarter funding goes.

Does the game have a Boardgamegeek page? – The rules are in Beta, so not at the moment. Although lots of games at the same stage seem to get put on, so... UPDATE: It does now! Thanks BGG!

Will there be social media stretch goals? – Share goals are being looked at.

Any chance you can look at reducing the cost of shipping to Australia?- I'd love to and we are already subsidising it. Its cost us £42 - £82 to ship to AUS. About 80% falling in the £42-£55 range. So we've reduced it as much as we can. We had one shipment of a core set of Galactic go out on the last KS and it cost £127 to ship it... the pledge was £73 early bird... some you win some you lose. Lol

If people buy terrain packs through the KS, will those be shipped at end of KS or not until next November when everything else is ready to ship? - Everything gets shipped at the same time, ie. next November.

Is there any chance of getting a Canadian shipping hub, too? - Not while the Campaign is running, although I am trying, just really tricky without sending massive amounts of stock. We still subsidise the shipping ourselves which is cool because it really help you jolly good fellows on shipping... the money would buy lots of mini's moulds though. Lol

What's the eta on shipping, couldn't see it on main page - expected delivery is November 2018 - one year from now.

Do you have special discount price for retailers? - We don't have a retail pledge although we wanted to do one, but send us a PM to Smile

I understand you can still INcrease your pledge after the campaign ends using the pledge manager (right?), but can you also DEcrease at that time? - --- You can't decrease in the pledge manager below the campaign total (during the live campaign you can both increase and decrease), see next answer also;

When is your credit card charged? - For your campaign pledge your credit card is charged immediately after the campaign ends (in the UK within a couple of minutes, I believe it can be longer in some countries), for Backerkit, the pledge manager BSL use, you are charged when the pledge manager closes, for BSL this is usually about a month after it opens. whilst the Backerkit is open you can change what add-one you wish to purchase thus changing the total to be charged for add-ons.

If I have an EB core set pledge, and I add another core set in the pledge manager, is that second set charged at EB price as well? - -- -- If you have an EB and double it during the KS you'll get both at EB price. If you do it in the pledge manager you'll get one at a normal price. You can always send us a nice email if you want an EB price.

The campaign says shipping is 7-12 GBP for Western Europe - does this increase with extra sets and add-ons? - Shipping does increase the more you get. The shipping prices are estimates.

- Will there be some sort of PNP for backers so we can get playing before we get our stuff? - TBC

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