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Post by Jeff La Belle on 12/8/2017, 11:30 pm

Space Suits. Allows the character to leave via spawn/ airlocks points and reappear at another one. Could also be used for Ship rules/ escaping and could bring lockers into Play as locations for a search. - Nothing indicated as yet.

Additional Storage/ Crate moving. Backpacks, forklift, shopping trolley, mule suggested. Use of the auxiliary Drone could also achieve this. – BS said that “We had a back pack that you could pile items on top of its worked well, but defeated the object of the dashboard you could pick up and take anywhere without anything falling off Smile

Thungs - Nothing indicated as yet.

Upgraded Ship Boards – Suggestions included having items that provided game perks for each of the ship variables; storage space for salvaged/looted/smuggled equipment from missions; a space to put in your won ship name and card; double sides for more mission details – BS have said “One upgrade we have been looking at is the ship hold (as you put it) Being able to store some weapons just like the civilian cards can hold a single weapon, the ships boards could have cuts outs for the same purpose. Its all about tooling and another reason why we have not included the ship boards in the Crew add-ons yet... Smile
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