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Capture the Flag. Empty Capture the Flag.

Post by Metal Mech on 12/7/2013, 1:49 pm

Ok so for a while now I have had a capture the flag layout designed. You would create a five man team on each side, using miniatures and rules from whatever game you want.

The layout itself, would be all nine tiles from stronghold laid out in a straight line. Walls would run along both sides. There would be a three story tower in the center of the board. There would be one elevator on each side of the tower.  There would also be a hanger door on the bottom of the tower. The "flag" would be at the top of the tower. The only thing missing to make this work is a large door for the hanger wall.

The concept is that each team starts at the end of the hall on one side, and races to get the "flag". The main corridors could be filled with all kinds of obstacles. There would be a larger hanger door to keep both sides separate. Only access to the top is the elevators. The elevators would be on auto for the whole game. One would start at the top and one at the bottom. They would alternate up and down moving one level each turn. Once someone gets the "flag" the large hanger door on the bottom would open up, allowing access to either side of the board. To win the flag would need to make it back to the players side that has it.
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Capture the Flag. Empty Re: Capture the Flag.

Post by JasonJ on 12/8/2013, 6:55 pm

sounds good - it'll be interesting to see this come to fruition in all its 3D glory ...


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