Mission 26: Your delivery Sir! (Lindon Paxton)

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Mission 26: Your delivery Sir! (Lindon Paxton) Empty Mission 26: Your delivery Sir! (Lindon Paxton)

Post by Jeff La Belle on 12/12/2017, 3:27 pm

Scenario: The crew has been tasked to deliver a valuable package to a client on a space station with a strong Gang Faction.

Map Setup: 1 x Cyberpunk (or similar) 2 x 2 board.

Hostility level at the start: Watch your back.

Objective (solo objective): Survive and escape back to their ship.

Secondary Objective: Deliver the valuable package to their client and get paid.

Special Rules: The crew arrives in one corner of the board and their client is in an area on the opposite corner. No Purge (including Event cards). Use the Hostility tracker but Harvester = Low Life, Devastator = Thug, Assassin = Boss. There is only one Boss so if he has already arrived use two Thugs. If the package is successfully delivered then crew receive either 30 UA or their choice of one rare item and one item of value up to 10 UA. If the crew fails then they are in trouble for losing the valuable item.

Mission 26: Your delivery Sir! (Lindon Paxton) Missio35
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