Mission 17: Just a little R&R (Gregg R)

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Mission 17: Just a little R&R (Gregg R) Empty Mission 17: Just a little R&R (Gregg R)

Post by Jeff La Belle on 12/10/2017, 4:09 pm

Scenario: After all that Galactic Politics it's time for Traders to get back to normal. That being low profile taking questionable missions and away from others telling you what to do. The crew and ship need some R&R. With a short term line of credit (due to last mission or getting to the location before those that accomplished last mission) it is time to go planet side and accomplish nothing but keeping the ship and freedom going. Landing just outside the way station and taking our "mule/lift sled" we go in. No one said anything about a planet purge

Map Setup: Outlands Terrain

Hostility level at the start: Medium

Objective (solo objective): Go to the Trade Post and purchase on credit supplies for the ship (or beat the other Trader to the Post and use "his" credit line to re-fit your ship).

Secondary Objective: Pick up a passenger to take somewhere for some extra creds... and more trouble of course.

Special Rules: Beat other crews to the Trading Post for an essential piece of equipment before Purge start showing up and all hell breaks loose. There are good odds that the passenger is more than just a traveler.

Mission 17: Just a little R&R (Gregg R) Missio26
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