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Post by Jeff La Belle on 6/18/2017, 5:06 pm

Played an awesome game of zombicide, using their rules and board tiles but with apoc terrain!!

3D Zombicide Mission 1
Zombicide pack and flea mission, need to grab water and food and get out of town, things are getting crazy. Inside the buildings are two refrigerators (scan supply deck once for each refrigerator and grab 1 water or food); a vending machine (acts like a refrigerator but only for drink); or search the buildings for the remaining food or water.
3D rules:
1. Staircases are their own zone
2. Police barricades do block the route. Survivors can spend 3 actions to hop a barricade (small ones only; the big one with the stop sign can NOT be hopped), or go around. Zombies cannot cross barricades.
a. Zombies will not gather at the barricades regardless of line of sight. They will take the shortest legal path to you (ie: they don’t get stuck at the barricades but find another route)
3. The shipping crate can only be opened with a crow bar
4. When you come across the door you have an option to open it without breaking it. Roll 1 dice: 1-3-5, its locked; 2-4-6 its unlocked (roll is 1 action). If it is unlocked you can just open it, else you must break it (1 additional action) (if you break it remove the door prop from the game board). Unlocked doors can be closed (1 action) behind you to prevent zombies from going through them. You cannot close a broken door.
a. One a door has been determined as “locked” or “unlocked” it stays that way fro the rest of the game (eg: you roll the dice and it’s locked, no one else can re-roll for that door- it’s always locked and must be broken open- regardless of the survivor)
b. You can simply break the door without rolling the dice, if you wish
5. Fridges and vending machines are good for 1 search for the entire game. Once they have been searched, they cannot be searched again by anyone.
6. The bed can heal a wound, but the action must be the first and only action for that player’s turn, and they skip one turn after that. Zombies can attack sleeping survivors.
7. Medical sign denotes which room has a med kit
8. Each building has an objective which much be retrieved before the party can exit
9. the party must have a total of 3 food (cans or rice) and 3 water items between them
10. Fatty’s have a 1 zone range to fire projectiles at survivors
11. The vending machine can be searched for water OR a player may choose to get an “energy drink” from it which gives them one extra activation. Consideration must be taken for the needs of the party and what has been found so far.

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Post by KingZombie on 1/6/2018, 11:57 pm

Nice write up! Thanks for sharing.


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