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Post by Patient0 on 10/8/2015, 1:18 am

I am looking forward to playing the new game in the Fantasy Dungeon terrain.

I haven't played any miniature games in the past so not really sure what to expect.

I was hoping to put together a small scenario to see how it goes, looking for any tips from experienced gamers on how to keep it balanced, how to estimate the length of the game etc.

I was also interested in one aspect that would be new. There are plenty of treasure chests in the terrain. I would like to add some treasure cards in a pile so that when anyone searches a treasure chest they can pull out a card showing a random amount of gold. Collect enough gold coins and exchange them for a pimp weapon etc.

How does this usually get handled in role playing games, does the character have to head back to the village to exchange the items for gold coins or do they just save up the coins for the next game they are in? Not sure if it is worth making up the cards if they can't spend the money straight away.



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