Wim’s Married with Purge! episode 4+5 (it's a double one!)

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Wim’s Married with Purge! episode 4+5 (it's a double one!) Empty Wim’s Married with Purge! episode 4+5 (it's a double one!)

Post by Jeff La Belle on 12/9/2017, 3:12 pm

Captain Jace sat down in his blue captain's chair, answering fanmail. "To Anita, the foxiest lady in space...". She was a huge Black Maria fan, who kept sending the crew packs of fresh purple thongs at every port they docked. He'd met her once, while delivering some goods to Wayne Corporation, and she had been writing the crew fan mail ever since. He finished the letter, calling for a runner boy to take it to the local station's codemaster for transcoding. The codemaster was the only one in the station who knew Anita's location in the galaxy. The crew was in a rough part of space and you couldn't be too careful. With only a handful of fans, every one of them was precious and worth protecting (otherwise their supplies of purple thongs, hobknobs and pencils would quickly dwindle). A fleet footed lad with the insignia of the cosemaster's office entered, took the letter and headed back towards the door. Halfway past the doorpost, a crackling, polymeric voice suddenly seemed to come out of nowhere. "You fool, with this letter and the codemaster I'll be able to track down she who sends out the thongs. Once she's in our power, we'll control the purple thong business in this part of the galaxy!" Jace realised he'd been duped, the runner boy was a Live One! Calling out to his crew, he grabbed his guns and ran out the door into the crowd, trying to catch up with the runner boy. It would be no easy feat, as the Live One kept shifting shape, blending into the crowd, making his way to the center of the station where the codemaster resided. Could Jace and the crew of the Black Maria get there before him? Could they keep Anita safe? Meanwhile, at the other end of the station, the crew of the Ion Hope entered the station through airlock DT-42. They were looking for the postmaster, having learnt that he knew the location of a prime source of purple thongs. As the normal trading business had been slow, they had recently moved into the thong business. But it was a cutthroat business. Any advantage over the competition was worth investigating. They planned to bring back the codemaster to their ship to try and persuade him of giving up his source. And they wouldn't hesitate to get their thongs dirty if it came down to it. But they knew they had to hurry, some Purge were on their heels and would be entering the station any minute. They started heading through the crowd, being on their guard but already dreaming of piles and piles of purple thongs. Two player mission. Both crews enter on opposite sides. A codemaster stands in his office in the center of the map. The crew of the BM has a Live One in front of them. The crew of the IH is being chased by a devastator, an assassin and 3 harvesters. Mission objective: reach the codemaster before any of the Purge. Convince him to join your crew and take him back to your ship. Winner is obviously the one who succeeds. If the Purge reach the codemaster first, both players lose, and Anita might have to relocate. Mission requires a codemaster mini and a set of cardboard furniture with a sign, to create the codemaster's office. 5% of the add-on will be fine as my commission... Rewards include loot found in the codemaster's office (tap key capable of shooting out energy bursts in a morse-code like pattern, codemaster's lunchbox for health recovery, big date stamp as melee weapon) as well as a rare piece of armour: the codemaster's cap. Special reward for those killing the Live One: a cardboard token representing an enveloppe with a purple thong depicted on the back. It's worth about the same as a crate full of Raw Blue...
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