Wim’s Married with Purge! episode 3

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Wim’s Married with Purge! episode 3 Empty Wim’s Married with Purge! episode 3

Post by Jeff La Belle on 12/9/2017, 3:11 pm

After a long day's work, Gak and Hobb are shaking it off in the hot tub (their fatigue, if course, you preverts!). Suddenly a purple thong floats up to the surface. A moment of eery silence is followed by fierce shouting: "that's mine"! As things are about to escalate, 2 Galactic Guard barge into the room. "This thong is wanted by Wayne Corporation, it has a bounty on its head. We are here to escort the thong to Wayne Manor and collect the bounty." Two player mission. Gak and Hobb start in the center of the map, unarmed but with loads of chests around. 2 GG stand at the only door, carrying light weapons. GG are controlled by the AI. Gak and Hobb have to get out and reach the sides of the map to their respective ships, carrying the purple thong. The one who succeeds, wins. The mission will require a cardboard hot tub and purple thong token. Rewards include stickers of Gak or Hobb (depending on who wins) in purple thong. Rare item for those who manage to kill at least one GG: cardboard poster of Wayne on a cardboard throne, marked with graffiti giving him a purple thong and matching moustache.
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