Wim’s Married with Purge! episode 2

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Wim’s Married with Purge! episode 2  Empty Wim’s Married with Purge! episode 2

Post by Jeff La Belle on 12/9/2017, 3:11 pm

In today's episode, Arianna is taking a sonic shower. While she's happily singing away, the sneaky Live One tries to steal a peek. When Kaori notices what's going on, she cries out #metoo and calls for the other traders to come to Arianna's aid. At that moment several devastators and a bunch of harvesters appear from out of the drains and plumbing-conduits, all apparently having been hiding like peeping toms. A fierce battle follows during which the Purge desperately try to leave the ship. Solo mission for a player playing as the Purge. Their objective is to reach the single airlock on the other side of the ship. The traders are controlled by the AI and whack anything they see with wet towels. The Purge lose if any of them gets more than 3 whippings (causing red welts). The mission requires a special KS exclusive mini of Arianna wrapped in a bathing towel. Rewards include stickers of Arianna for the Purge HQ. Thought of the day: no one has ever gotten his hotness up by pounding a mouse
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