Wim’s Married with Purge! episode 1 New mission

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Wim’s Married with Purge! episode 1 New mission Empty Wim’s Married with Purge! episode 1 New mission

Post by Jeff La Belle on 12/9/2017, 3:10 pm

the Purge are on their way to the golden toilet, the only one they can use due to their physiology. On their way through the space station, the airlocks open and a bunch of rowdy traders enter the space station on their way to Zed's to get a good drink. One of them shoulderbumps into a Harvester, who asks the trader to apologize. Since they already started pre-drinking on the ship, he's not feeling particularly apologetic and starts swearing and cursing at the shocked Harvester. A brawl envelops and one of the Devastators slaps the moon on a stick out of Gak's hands. At that point the traders decide to go after the golden toilet and smash it to pieces as revenge. The Purge have no option but to pursue and try to prevent this. Mission objective for the traders: enter the station, pass by the rendez-vous point with the Purge and head on to destroy the golden toilet. They must try to reach Zed's bar before they all perish to the Purge. The Purge win if no Trader makes it to the bar. Rewards available for in-between-missions buying spree: stickers of scantily clad Purge to decorate the space ships with. Legendary item (super rare): a sticker of Wayne in a purple thong.
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