Some tips and tricks for small alterations with BS terrain

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Some tips and tricks for small alterations with BS terrain

Post by Singleton Mosby on 8/12/2014, 3:55 pm

Tips and tricks

Upper level ramps
You want to build and upper level but not have a 2 square wide gantry blocking the rooms underneath. The solution is quite simple and effective, just cut a gantry in half, lengthwise that is.

Some pics to explain.

It hurts, doesn't it, cutting into your brand new, shiny product? But hey, you'll have more then enough gantries anyways so why not utilize them for such a useful purpose like this. Here's how it looks next to a normal gantry. I guess you can cut off more if you like.

Those odd ramps
Ramps are funny things, you never seem to be able to find the right one. Whilst improvising with different combinations I needed one of those unfindable ramps, probably because it does not exist (the upper one in the picture below).

And the same ramp in its place.

The solution is quite simple. Just take a longer ramp of which you have a lot. In this example I needed a corner ramp for an infected room, you''ll soon run out of these while having more then enough regular ones.

Put a ramp with a diagonal side on top of the one you like to cut (see above and below for two different examples). Make sure they are properly outlined, use the cuts on the bottom for this.

Then hold them really tight together, and with a sharp knife (important bit, it has to be sharp!) cut it using the side of the other ramp as a guide.

There you go, another corner ramp Smile. Still got half a dozen normal infected ones left so it wasn't too hard of a loss.

Not enough walls
I was soon out of walls but had enough doors left and so came up with this little trick.
If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are a bit overambitious in your plans and do not have enough walls you can use the following solution. Take a door without the ramps and insert and user it as an outer wall. Put some furniture (this broken computer or a locker) in front of it to mask the doorway and voila, an extra wall.
No you can make a little insert in the top of the door-wall to facilitate for the computerwall's holding thingy, but I wasn't quite prepared to do so yet. Wink

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Re: Some tips and tricks for small alterations with BS terrain

Post by Waynio on 8/28/2014, 8:56 pm

Felt a twinge when I saw the knife heading to the terrain! Great idea for the corner ramps.

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